Kostas Alekoglu

About Me

Back Story.

Upon my arrival in the vibrant city of London in the waning days of August 1996, I scarcely imagined that it would become my home for nearly three decades. During my initial seven years, I wove in and out of the academic fabric of Greenwich University, immersing myself in an exhaustive course in Marketing complemented by a foundational year in Economics.

As I navigated through the final biennium of my university tenure, I embarked on an entrepreneurial journey, co-founding Youth Creations Media Ltd. This venture was a pioneering effort that saw the publication and dissemination of a gratis dance music magazine across Greece, buoyed by the zeal and commitment of a volunteer team.

Parallel to my academic pursuits, I carved out time to engage in part-time work, which harmonized with my passion for music as I cultivated a niche for myself as a DJ and an electronic music artist, a chapter of my life that extended till 2003. Thereafter, I pivoted exclusively towards my marketing career, culminating in the inception of my second enterprise in 2007.

The year 2015 marked the launch of Social Media Status, an innovative Customer Relationship Management tool tailored for digital agencies, adept at melding client performance reviews with business performance prognostications.

By 2016, I had directed my focus to my third business endeavor, Digital Aesthetics, a specialized agency catering to the nuanced needs of the Health & Beauty sector. My journey came full circle in 2018 with the creation of Caliston, a brand that distills and embodies fifteen years of my extensive professional experience in the dynamic realm of online marketing.