Kostas Alekoglu

business consultant


Kostas is intuitively Search Engine Marketing. His ideas are sharp, and he is extremely inspiring in proving top ranking for SEM success.

I would recommend Kostas, as he is an experienced entrepreneur for SEM campaigns, plus he is genuine, driven, and loyal.

Marcus Joseph, Co-worker

Kostas is a strong strategic thinker, with a passion on delivering targets that aim to drive a business to quick growth. My experience working with him showed that he is invaluable in motivating others within his group to a common goal. I would definitely recommend him for any managing roles, as I find his entrepreneurial, communication, creative and planning skills, together with his knowledge and high energy, to be a great addition to any organization focused on high growth.

Ada Tsani, Designer / Creative

I came to know Kostas through our common professional involvement in Social Media and was impressed by both his forward-looking thinking and his service-quality orientation. Kostas has the remarkable ability to drive your company all the way through, from high-level social media strategy formulation up to the excellent implementation of the necessary techniques involved.

If you are looking for a talented Social Media consultant and partner in the UK, Kostas is your man!

Nikos Tsantanis, Senior Product Marketing Manager